Criminal Minds Episode Recap: "Compromising Positions" Season 6, Episode 4

Criminal Minds Season 6 Episode 5 - Safe Haven

On this week's Criminal Minds, the BAU searches for a serial killer who goes after married couples, while Garcia gets stretched too thin when she tries to fill JJ's shoes.Our case is in Akron, Ohio, where we open on a naked couple in a minivan. The unsub is also in the van and kills them. At the BAU, we learn the minivan couple was the second one killed in two weeks. The unsub's M.O.: give the handcuffed men Viagra, force the couples to have sex, and then shoot the husband and stab the wife. Before the team jets off, Garcia rolls her go bag into Hotch's office because she wants to help out now that JJ's gone since she created the program to present cases. Hotch says she's not trained for certain aspects of the job, but Garcia promises to learn — and to tone down her wardrobe. And how! She goes for a demure Sunday brunch look with irritating contacts that more or less leaves Rossi speechless.In Akron, Garcia aces one part of JJ's job — thorough pre-introduction of the team to Detective Crowley, the Cop of the Week — but later almost gets duped by an aggressive reporter. I would never trick you, Garcia! Hotch says he will handle press and tells her to come to him if she needs help. Reid and Rossi learn from the victims' families that the men were overachieving alpha males — alpha males attack other alphas — while Morgan and Prentiss check out the crime scenes and realize that the unsub set the mood in both places. The team concludes that the romantic fantasy gets the unsub aroused because Viagra isn't working on him anymore. The one mystery: Why the condoms?

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