One Tree Hill Episode Recap: "Not Afraid" Season 8, Episode 6

One Tree Hill Season 8 Episode 6 - Not Afraid

It's Halloween in Tree Hill, and Quinn can't distinguish between her nightmares and reality. In her dreams, Clay and psycho Sarah are zombies, and Brooke goes all Lara Croft trying to save her. Although she can wake up from this nightmare, in reality she's still terrified from the shooting.

Brooke answers her front door and immediately gives the woman outside of it an attitude. Unbeknownst to her, it's Julian's mom, Sylvia (guest star Sharon Lawrence). The three of them go out for lunch and although Sylvia thinks Brooke is a bit high maintenance, she says that she's there to pay for their wedding in full. Brooke is speechless and quickly realizes that if Sylvia is shelling out the dough, Brooke's vision will probably go out the window.

It's a Halloween party at Tric, and Millicent shows up as  "Free B*tch Baby," aka Lady Gaga. Earlier, she had been so excited to hang with her ex Mouth, who she slept with in the last episode. But she is shot down when Mouth reminds her that it isn't serious between them. She gives him a little taste of his own medicine by picking up a burly man dressed as Spartacus with a killer six-pack.

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