The Biggest Loser Episode Recap: Week 5 Season 10, Episode 5

The Biggest Loser Season 10 Episode 5 - Week 5

On this week's Biggest Loser, five people who didn't make the original cut return for their shot back on campus.

Corey, Anna, Montina, Sandy, and Shanna are back, but only the player with the highest percentage of weight-loss will be back in the game.

Corey is up first. He was only 20 yards from the finish line in Episode 1 when he dropped to the ground. He started out at 391 pounds and is now 354 pounds. He's lost 37 pounds, 9.46 percent.

Shanna has been fighting breast cancer and is a true survivor. She was 242 pounds when she tried out and is now 221 pounds. She has a 21-pound loss, 8.68 percent.

Montina says she made her trainer pull the stepper out until she could do 500 in under 20 minutes. She was 287 pounds, and is now 270 pounds. She's lost 17 pounds.

Sandy talks about her brother who died recently at the age of 35 and used to wear a Biggest Loser shirt all the time. She doesn't want the same fate as him. She was 259 pounds and is now 234 pounds. A 25-pound loss, 9.65 percent.

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