'America's Next Top Model' Recap: Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flatness


Tonight on America's Next Top Modelepisode 15.7: The girls compete for the illustrious title of "Grammy Girl," and then portray eight iconic fashion designers in their photo shoot. Plus: Ann's winning streak is finally threatened. Who will be onstage handing out an award at this year's Grammys? Who looked totally silly as a man? Who finally gave Ann a run for her money at panel? Read on for that and more, dear reader. 

But FIRST: Please look at this Halloween-inspired slideshow of 50 More Scary Tyra Faces. As in, Part II. Now we have an even hundred! (Documented. Lord only knows how many scary Tyra faces have gone undocumented. The mind boggles.) 

Challenge: The girls to the the Grammy Museum, where Jay and the RCA president tell them that one of them will get to be a "Grammy girl" at this year's ceremony. They will choose the winner in an elaborate game of musical clothes, in which the girls will split up into pairs, each partner will pick an outfit for the other--seemingly for the potential that someone to end up looking like an idiot in a dress that doesn't fit, intentionally or otherwise. Then Jay will pick the winning pair, and then Mr. RCA Prez will pick the winner from that pair. Woof! That's a complicated process to select which girl will get the illustrious job of handing a trophy to someone and then walking away, but OK! Let's do this!

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