'The Real Housewives of DC' Reunion Part 2

'The Real Housewives of DC' Reunion Part 2

As threatened at the end of Part 1, Tareq Salahi comes out on his own to talk to Andy Cohen and the Real Housewives of DC. Tareq thinks it's shameful that they don't believe that Michaele has MS, which is SO last week we're over it. Then he accused Lynda of being "obsessed" with Michaele! What a Regina George thing to say. And the lies continue, they didn't pay for Paul Wharton's party and claim to have donated wine but the venue said they didn't get any wine. Then they never provided Stacie with a line of credit or anything. SO crazy.

Then the house they were in for their audition video wasn't even theirs! What! And Michaele accuses Cat of living in Lynda's basement. It's such craziness and can never be reconciled because the Salahis are . . . pathological liars? Whatever they are, it's creepy. Andy Cohen said it best: "I don't think we're getting anywhere."
So then all the husbands came out (and no ex-husbands). So it must be time to talk about Tareq's accusation of Lolly stealing a car for a "joy ride" at the polo cup. And it's another facebook argument. But after all that cacophony, it's time to answer the big question: did they or didn't they sneak in to all those parties? I have a feeling we won't get an answer. 

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