NCIS “Dead Air” Review Season 8, Episode 5

NCIS "Dead Air" Review

A smart-alecky radio DJ and a naval officer are murdered while on the air, leading Gibbs and the team to find out who did it and why. The DJ was being heavily recruited by a militia group, but rather than being from the backwoods, this one turns out to be headquartered in gold old suburbia. These people believe that the only way to get the attention of the government and some of the funds spent on fighting wars in other lands; is to become a threat themselves. They go about buying a bomb and before they can get the trigger for it, Ziva steps in and goes undercover as a woman interested in joining their cause and helping them secure what they need. Turns out the bomb purchaser didn’t pull the trigger, but another member of the group. When they find out that yet another member is going through with plan to detonate the thing at a girl’s baseball game full of parents of government officials, the team gets there just in time to clear everyone out before the bomb goes kaflooey.

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