SONS OF ANARCHY “Widening Gyre” Review Season 3, Episode 7

Sons of Anarchy Season 3 Episode 7 - Widening Gyre

Gemma worries about going to jail, but Jax tries to reassure her that it won’t happen. She warns him what the club will do if they find out about his deal with Stahl, but he brushes it off. Clay comes to see her and they decide she needs to call Maureen Ashby to see what she knows about Abel’s location. She does this alone, telling Maureen that Jax doesn’t know about John’s time in Belfast. "Neither does my Trini," Maureen replies. When Gemma asks what her daughter has to do with anything, a bomb is dropped. Trinity Ashby is John Teller’s daughter.

Meanwhile, one of the Grim Bastards has been murdered. Everyone suspects Salazar, the leader of that small Lodi MC has something to do with it. SAMCRO meet up with the Mayans to discuss the situation and Alvarez takes Salazar and two of his men aside. After being threatened by both Alvarez and Clay, Salazar admits his Sergeant of Arms was the actual murderer. He’s killed, Salazar is kicked out of the MC, and leadership is passed to a young club member. And that, it seems, is that.

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