Terriers 1.07 “Missing Persons” Review

Terriers Season 1 Episode 7 - Missing Persons

For the second straight week, Terriers dips into the standalone pool with a story that intensely mirrors the lives of the lead characters. While last week’s case mirrored Britt and Katie’s relationship, "Missing Persons" focuses on Hank and Steph, to almost the same amount of effectiveness. There is some risk in continuing to go down that road, but thus far, Terriers has nailed it, particularly because of the performances from the actors.

In this week’s episode, Hank and Britt stumble into a case (really, this should happen every week) with an amnesiac, missing college kid, end up finding another one and realize that the original amnesiac is actually a pretty deadly dude. The case isn’t as twisty and turny as the one last week or really any of the cases thus far in the season, but thankfully, there are a number of great moments for Hank and Britt and Hank and Steph along the way that makes the episode completely worthwhile.

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