Modern Family 2.05 “Unplugged” Review

 Modern Family 2.05 Unplugged Review

I have found the aired episodes of this second season to be alright, for the most part, none of them have really jumped out at me as the laugh-a-minute romps that characterized the best comedy the show has to offer (I thought "The Kiss" was a fantastic episode, but not necessarily for it’s laugh quotient).  This is fine because as I have often said, even the not so good episodes of Modern Family are better than most of the other schlock that is on television.  I am very happy to say that in my opinion, "Unplugged" completely delivered the funny.

The stories kept the three families separate for almost the entire episode (there was some phone interaction between Claire and Mitchell, and Cameron and Mitchell showed up at the Dunphys house briefly at the end), and while this sometimes leads to the less successful episodes, here, each of the plots was so full of jokes that I couldn’t help but love what I was watching.  Further, my main pet peeve about the show, the treacly music-backed voiceovers that teach the audience some Big Important Lesson, was also absent, allowing the viewer to just enjoy the individual stories for what they were, and not be concerned about some overarching message.

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