30 Rock 5.05 “Reaganing” Review

 30 Rock 5.05 Reaganing ReviewThe high production value is back, the acting is better and the characters are all themselves, not some exaggerated cartoon versions.

Jack hasn’t done a single thing wrong in almost 24 hours (something called "Reaganing") and hopes to solve Liz’s Everest-sized sexual hangups and save her and Carol’s relationship, Tracy is tasked with appearing in a Boys and Girls Club commercial which unfortunately means he has to memorize one simple line and Jenna tricks Kenneth into teaming up with her in scamming an ice cream place.

Kelsey Grammer appeared as the violent con-man version of himself who teams up with Jenna and Kenneth in their ice cream con. I was never a fan of Frasier but always thought Grammer had excellent comedy chops and he did not disappoint. It’s always a treat to see an actor like him play himself in a much darker light.

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