PARENTHOOD “Orange Alert” Review

Parenthood Season 2 Episode 6 - Orange Alert

Halloween is a big deal for the Braverman clan, and I love Zeek quietly telling Max about how he and Camille wrapped many holidays worth of celebrating into the Halloween before he was shipped out to Vietnam. Because Zeek is usually so booming and over-the-top, this is an especially touching and lovely moment.

Max is afraid of fire, including candles, so Halloween is a problematic holiday for him, but he decides he wants to go trick-or-treating dressed as a cockroach. Adam is thrilled, but Kristina is terrified and she goes into control issues over-drive, inspecting potential houses, trying to get the entire neighborhood to use glow sticks instead of candles, mapping out a route, and making Max practice trick-or-treating. I love how Max is beginning to realize he’s treated much differently than other kids. "Do other kids have to practice?"and "If the little kids can do it, so can I." just about break my heart, while Max’s triumphant exit from the haunted house (I wish we had had a house half that cool in my neighborhood when I was a kid) makes me cheer. It also occurs to me that in some ways Monica Potter has the most thankless role on the show. Kristina is tightly wound to begin with, and her necessary worry over and obsession with Max’s well-being make her frenetic and occasionally difficult to watch because her tension is so palpable. When she’s relaxed; though, she glows, and she and Adam are beyond sweet.

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