GREY’S ANATOMY “Almost Grown” Review

GREY'S ANATOMY "Almost Grown"

The Chief definitely turns the hospital on its head and shakes things up with the one day promotion of the residents that leaves the attendings sitting back on the sidelines. He also promotes competition between the attendings for a $1 million dollar grant. Where that money is going to come from is still unknown, but the Chief msyteriously tells Bailey at the end of the episode that things are going to start looking different around Seattle Grace in the next couple of weeks. I can hardly wait!

The promotion of the residents led to some interesting medical cases. Karev performed surgery on a boy with breasts to remove them while fighting the boy’s mother the entire way. Meredith performed successful neurosurgery on a brain bleed. Not to get too technical, but even with their fake promotions, wouldn’t one have to have a bit more of a history of specialized skills to jump right into neurosurgery? April and Yang have a man who desperately needs a lung transplant but his bloodwork does not make him the best candidate. It is only then that Yang is brought back to life, professionally speaking. 

Throughout the episode Yang was acting in her typical zombie way, not participating and not answering any questions. She overheard Teddy telling Bailey that she was no better than a resident. However, when April convenes a panel to discuss whether or not their patient is a good candidate for a lung transplant, Yang finally awakens to side with the patient and against April. Teddy commends Yang for finally acting like a doctor. Hopefully this will spark Yang to start doing something, even if it is small. Seeing her just wandering around the hospital aimlessly when we know her skills is sad.

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