The Apprentice Season 10 Episode 7 Recap

The Apprentice Season 10 Episode 6 - Episode 6

Sometimes I wonder what the challenges on THE APPRENTICE really have to do with working for Donald Trump one day. Being skilled at project management, sales and communications is essential to any high level position, but running a pedicab team? The teams were challenged to take in the most money with running a pedicab company. Right away it would seem that the women would be at an advantage at this just because of the volume of their team. But that was until the ladies picked their location.

Anand decided to lead team Octane and had the guys do their routes around Trump Tower. The guys thought of doing a Roman Chariot theme pedicab and making the most out of the tourist heavy area around Trump and Central Park. The ladies over at Fortitude had different plans. Trying to erase damage done in last week’s boardroom, Kelly nominated herself as a leader and the group unwisely decided to run their Babes on Bike route over by Wall Street. Take it from someone who works in the area, this is not the place to run a pedicab. No matter how cute the ladies were they wouldn’t have enough interested foot traffic to even come close to the men’s volume. Tourists rarely venture the area they were in and those who walk around Wall Street all day are too preoccupied with working that outside is not a necessary luxury for them. Brandy and Poppy seemed to be picking up sales, which was noticed by Kelly.

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