COMMUNITY “Messianic Myths and Ancient Peoples” Review

Community Season 2 Episode 5 - Messianic Myths and Ancient Peoples

A lot of shows have taken on religion lately, but this is by far the most bizarre take. It’s also my favorite. It’s pretty much meta within meta and Abed as both Charlie Kaufman and Jesus? I`m in." "Come on, Charlie Kaufman, some of us have to work in the morning. Damn." Hee. "Jesus was like E. T., Edward Scissorhands, and Marty McFly combined." Hee. Abed’s wig is shockingly sexy and les shockingly hilarious, and he perfectly captures messianic-speak. "Every moment of our lives is a world premiere and my father’s already bought the popcorn." He even wins over Britta: "I don’t even believe in God, but I love me some Abed."

This season has felt Shirley-light so far, but she gets some love tonight and Abed and Shirley are almost as great a pairing as Abed and Troy. "Did you just scripture me, Muslim?" So wrong it’s right, and, oh, her poor sad little Jesus film with Britta’s even sadder little dance! "Do the line, Atheist." Plus, who knew that The Good Wife’s Kalinda would only have the second best woman with baseball bat scene of the week?

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