Intervention Season 9 Episode 5 "Amber" Review

Tonight on Intervention we take a look at yet another story of a parent that is negatively effecting the life of their child. We have seen stories like this in the past when it came to a parent. But what was different tonight was this mother has two addictions that she has to beat.

The first one would be one of the most common addictions today, alcoholism. She has a beautiful little girl but even that does not stop her impulses. She drinks most heavily when she puts her daughter to bed as if that justifies her behaviour.

Her second addiction which was the most painful and somewhat disqusting to watch was her being a bulemic. She will make these huge meals just to purge later. Regardless her family seemed to be quite helpful in wanting her to change her ways. It wasn't as great of a storyline as last week with Andrew but it was great none the less. There is a reason this show has been nominated for Emmy's.


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