'Jersey Shore': What Worked in Season 2, What to Fix in Season 3

'Jersey Shore': What Worked in Season 2, What to Fix in Season 3

By definition, Jersey Shore is mindless entertainment. Which makes writing about it not just a challenging task, but a potentially damaging one: Some experiences were just not meant to be put into words, and become less precious and appealing the more we analyze them. As my resentment and distaste grew as I blogged my way through Jersey Shore season 2, I feared this phenomenon was the root cause: Write enough articles analyzing The Situation, and suddenly the magic is gone. Youknowwhaddimean?

But now with season 2 coming to a close, as I read around the web after last night's finale, I feel at least slightly vindicated: I am not alone in feeling that something was missing in Miami. Some blogs even gave up recapping the show half way through the season. Others, like me, valiantly soldiered on and attempted to mine what meager joys they could from the ever-diminishing experience of watching Jersey Shore. And the worst part is, that is our fault. Nathan over at AV Club definitely put it best: "The reality television phenomenon once filled me with fevered, albeit guilty anticipation. Now if fills me with something closer to dread. We elevated these unknowns to trash-culture superstars so if they've turned into monsters of id and ego before our eyes we are at least partially to blame."

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