The Bachelorette Season 6 Episode 5 "Two Guys Sent Home" Review

Well tonight on this episode of The Bachelorette, Ali and all the hopeful men travel with her from New York to Iceland. This season the show focuses on a tour around the world, so it makes it interesting to see all the places they travel and all the majestic scenery. But come on, that isn't why we watch this show.

Tonight Kirk was given the first "safe" rose, and then Justin and Kasey went on a helicopter ride to check out an active volcano. On that date only one rose was given out and it went to Justin. Kasey has finally opened up to her about his tattoo but I think that it was just too over the top for her and he was sent packing. There is a part of me that really feels for him because you know that guy would treat her like gold but it was just a tad bit loopy. But I am not too happy to see that Justin (Entertainer Wrestler) is still around. His attitude really comes off cocky.

The group date was a definate challenge for the guys, being in a steamy warm pool with just her made is difficult for a lot of the guys. Jealousy was a brewin'! But in the end Ty received the "safe" rose for that date. The rose ceremony came next and Chris N. got sent home. Who is Chris N. you may ask? The super quiet one that you never really even see in the show. He barely talked and always had the same expression on his face. Still wondering? Nice guy but I guess she didn't get too much from him either.

The episode was definately one of the more duller episodes that I have seen on these shows. But the sneak peek for next week looks amazing as Ali finds out one of the men has a girlfriend.


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