Dexter Episode Recap: "First Blood" Season 5, Episode 5

Dexter Season 5 Episode 5 - First Blood

Dexter struggles to convince Lumen to move on with her life, but he later discovers she has a master plan to seek revenge on the men who raped her and held her captive. Meanwhile, Quinn and Deb continue their relationship outside the workplace.

At the start of this week's episode, Dexter meets up with Lumen for breakfast, and she's still on edge following her traumatic experience. Although he tries to tell her she needs to get on with her life, Lumen is dead set on getting revenge and killing the other men involved in her rape and captivity. Dex even tries to help the healing process along by giving her a ticket to Minneapolis, but Lumen thinks Dexter's gesture is just a means to get rid of her, so she storms off.

Dexter begins digging to see if he can find out who Boyd's partners in crime were, but he doesn't get much. He returns to Boyd's house to see what he could scrounge up, but finds that someone broke in and beat him to it. Dex finds a match for the prints left behind and it's none other than Lumen. Who is this chick and what is she up to? I'm feeling there's a lot more than meets the eye with this one — stemming from whatever past she's running from.

Trying to find out what Lumen's up to, he goes to her motel room and finds a wall of crazy clippings and notes (ala your typical serial killer) revolving around rape and murders committed by Boyd and his accomplices. He also finds a makeshift bed in her closet — the only place she feels safe. Harry is right, sister is not right in the head. Dex is convinced she is plotting to kill Boyd's partners, so he meets with her and begs her to stop before it's too late, but her mind is made up.

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