BOARDWALK EMPIRE “Family Limitation” Review

Boardwalk Empire Season 1 Episode 6 - Family Limitation

BOARDWALK EMPIRE "Family Limitation" Season 1 Episode 6- A man is mugged on the boardwalk. Lucy pounces on Nucky like a tiger. She also keeps calling him "daddy" which is quite weird, to say the least. I’m guessing she’s not aware of Nucky’s tryst with Margaret.

Margaret herself is confused about what to do. She consults the leader of the Temperance movement who hands her a pamphlet, which seems slightly useless to me. She is conflicted: on the one hand, allowing Nucky to provide for her would mean she is secure and her kids are protected and provided for. On the other hand, the words that come along with her position are not so flattering.

Meanwhile in Chicago, the power struggle between Jimmy and Capone is ongoing. Jimmy is sure, calm. Capone mocks him but it’s out of insecurity, not friendship. Over at their house for dinner, Jimmy determines that Capone’s son is not, as he believes, dopey, but deaf.

Van Alden is still searching for connections between Magaret and Nucky.

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