CSI: MIAMI “Manhunt” Review

CSI: Miami Season 9 Episode 4 - Manhunt

Horatio and Eric have a particular grudge against the episode’s main target- Memmo Fierro (Robert LaSardo)– this prisoner was the cause of Marisol’s (Eric’s sister and Horatio’s wife) death.

I really enjoy how the last two episodes of CSI: Miami have tied back into earlier seasons. As a fan it is always fun to revisit old characters and have those grudges that have festered play out.

Like last week, "Manhunt" had me hooked from the moment the episode began. The story was quick, it kept me engaged, and didn’t waste time with random cut scenes like some episodes of the series tend to do.

The flashback sequences that we WERE shown were just enough to give us, as an audience, the memory jog we needed to know exactly where we knew certain characters from.

Not to mention it made me feel REALLY horrible for Horatio all over again.

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