Eastbound & Down “Chapter 11'' Review

Eastbound & Down Season 2 Episode 5 - Chapter 11

Well it would have been too easy if Kenny’s reunion with his father had actually been heartfelt and warm, right? This lukewarm episode of EASTBOUND & DOWN helped us solve another part of the "how did Kenny Powers get this messed up" riddle. After reuniting with Eduardo (Don Johnson), we find out that he not only ran away from Kenny and his mom to Mexico, but in fact started a new life, and family, down there. He has a wife and a son and hasn’t seemed to miss Kenny all that much. But that didn’t stop the father and son pair from attempting to out dick each other when making fun of Stevie and comparing jet skis to boats and planes. And it seemed somehow that Kenny’s time in Mexico could cow to a happy ending – that is until Eduardo set him and Stevie up to get caught by the police to score the bounty on them as they are fugitives. Unfortunately, the bounty doesn’t exist and now neither does a father and son relationship. After Stevie and Kenny are free thanks to Kenny’s creepy and rich stepmother, they decide to get the hell out of dodge and head back to the US of A. And since now Kenny knows April is actually not married, Kenny leaves her a message let her know he’s "coming for her."

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