THE X FACTOR “Results Show 3? Review

X Factor Results Show 3

The group song this week Forget You. They’re all color coordinating purple this week. Except Mary, but John whatshisface more than makes up for her lack of purple with his blinding suit. Well, if he goes out tonight at least that’s something to make us remember him.

Michael Buble the BEST SELLING MALE ARTIST in the UK for 2009. He sings a song that’s got my granny tapping her toes. Why is Orsen Welles’ name in the background? Wow this song is dull. So dull not even Michael Buble’s charisma can hide the fact that the song is really about nothing. And this is not because it’s called Hollywood. Marina and the Diamonds sing a song called Hollywood that is about something. Michael Buble’s is better served as a technique for passive sedation.

Time for the WORLD EXCLUSIVE performance from Cheryl Cole. I’m not sure why she’s holding a microphone. The song is really dull, isn’t it? I would have much preferred to see her dancing with Derek Hough instead of doing the Cha-Cha Slide to some inane beat against televised lightning. I really cannot sing a single phrase from the utterly forgettable song. At least with Fight For This Love, as annoying as it was, I couldn’t get the blooming thing out of my head.

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