MERLIN “The Castle of Fyrien” Review

Merlin Season 3 Episode 7 - The Castle of Fyrien

Gwen is kidnapped by the men of Cenred (who is colluding with Morgause and Morgana) from her home and taken to the castle of Fyrien where her brother, Elyan has been taken hostage. He is used as leverage and Gwen is given an ultimatum: bring Prince Arthur to the castle, or her brother dies.

Gwen soon reveals the details of the plan to Merlin and Arthur who, being chivilrous, consents to going to the castle and rescue Gwen’s brother. I haven’t mentioned it much but I must say that Arthur’s characterization is brilliant. He’s noble, without seeming like a stiff snob, he’s charming whilst still being utterly obnoxious and his bravery could also be described as extreme optimism, such as when he decides that he and Merlin will break out of prison and rescue the others, as oppose to wallowing in despair with the knowledge he is to be tortured and killed. Bradley James’ performance is one of the best things about the show.

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