MEDIUM “Talk To The Hand” Review Season 7, Episode 5

Medium Season 7 Episode 5 - Talk to the Hand

Allison DuBois has this problem. After spilling boiling water over her arm, she had to get a skin graf. Afterwards she cannot stop dreaming of a woman called Monica who worked in a hospital. This woman was tasered and abducted from her home. She was then put in the trunk of a car, knocked unconscious, had her throat slit and her skin removed. In short, she had a really bad night.

Allison knows who killed Monica: a surgeon who was in cahoots with a burial home owner. Together they sold skin and bones to other hospitals, cutting them from the unwilling deceased.

Meanwhile, Bridgette has become the star soccor player on her team after she gets some private coaching from a dead guy. The coach has his own agenda: he wants Bridgette’s fairly pathetic team to face off with his old one so that his team will win by a landslide. They do, but Bridgette learns a valuable lesson. Joe is unsure whether this qualifies as cheating and he gets in a bit of a tif with Allison over her psychic abilities.

One of my favorite moments was probably when Marie and Joe sat down on the bench simultaneously. It was just adorable.

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