PRIVATE PRACTICE “In or Out” Review Season 4, Episode 5

Private Practice Season 4 Episode 5 - In or Out

In this episode Addison delivers a baby with a large tumor, which brings in an oncologist who disagrees with her treatment plan. The two argue over whether to go in surgically or try to reduce it with chemotherapy. Meanwhile at home, Addison is worried about her relationship with Sam because for once she’s with someone so perfect that she can’t see where things are going to go wrong.

Coop wants to talk babies but Charlotte’s not ready yet and keeps finding ways to stop the conversation, mostly using sex. But he keeps pushing, wanting to talk it out as an engaged couple should.

Violet interviews prisoners ready for parole and one of them asks her to lie and keep him in prison, the only home he’s known for 40 years. Knowing the man will have a hard time, she still does what’s right and then helps him acclimate to a world without bars. Pete has very personal reasons for not wanting her to get involved with people in the system.

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