'CSI: Miami': Emily Procter and Adam Rodriguez on the future of 'Delquesne'


The Oct. 10 episode of "CSI: Miami" contained a scene that confused many fans. As it turns out, it also confused the two actors involved, Emily Procter and Adam Rodriguez.

Their characters -- crime-scene technicians Calleigh Duquesne and Eric Delko -- have been involved in an office romance (which Rodriguez nicknamed "Delquesne"), but this scene, set in the CSI HQ locker room, seemed to throw that relationship into question.

Calleigh announced she was going out to dinner with "a friend," causing Eric to remark that her plans were none of his business. She countered by saying that they were friends, and that that's the sort of things that friends discuss.

Then she said, "You know I love you like family."

As Calleigh exited at the end of the scene, Eric gave a longing, apparently sad look.

Sitting on the lab sets of "CSI: Miami" during the filming of the show's 200th episode, Procter looks at Rodriguez and says, "Did you know we broke up?"

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