'The Office': The Olyphant in the room


"The Office" tries to put "The Sting" on a rival, and it goes horribly awry. Which, from a comedy standpoint, is a good thing.

We're officially going to declare "The Office" out of its Season 6 doldrums, because this season has thus far not had a dud episode yet. Not every story in every show has worked, but there's been good stuff every week.

The good stuff in "The Sting" revolved mostly around Timothy Olyphant as rival salesman-turned-Dunder Mifflin employee Danny Cordray (named, we're assuming, after producer Randy Cordray), who got a chance to show off his comedy chops and not wear a cowboy hat. As noted in our preview, he mostly played the straight man (or reacted to regulars drooling over him), but he meshed really well with the cast.

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