NIKITA ''The Guardian'' Review Episode 5

NIKITA just gets better and better with each episode! After last week's episode full of twists, character backstories, and subtitles, I wasn't sure what to expect this week. But tonight's episode The Guardian does not disappoint. The object of focus is a black box, which everybody wants for completely different reasons. Percy wants to prevent Division secrets from being exposed. Nikita wants the leverage to destroy Division and Percy. Michael just wants to know the truth. Unfortunately, in the end nobody gets their wish fulfilled.

Owen Elliot (Devon Sawa) is an operative whose mission it is to protect the package, which is a black box stored at a bank. The operation is interrupted by bank robbers. Percy, who usually never goes out into the field, immediately goes to meet with him because the black box has a hard drive in it, containing information on all Division's operations. Nikita locates Owen and rescues him from Percy, in order to get the black box. As Alex tries to help and warn Nikita, she gets caught in Percy's office by Thom who doesn't rat her out. Michael attempts to find out about Owen, as well as Percy's interest in him.

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