Recap The Young & The Restless: Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cane and Lily learn the twins can go home. The entire family gathers as Neil holds his grandchildren for the first time. Sofia arrives and calls Neil out on excluding her and Malcolm is none too thrilled by his brother’s behavior. Everyone is happy about Sofia’s arrival in their lives, except Neil. Tucker drops by to welcome the twins home. Cane and Lily thank them for helping find a solution to Cane’s deportation problem. Tucker enters the courtroom to support Ashley and Ashley starts to panic. Tucker surprises the Abbotts when he flies Traci into town for Adam’s hearing. Ashley and Abby have a strong mother daughter moment as Ashley reminds her that no matter what she does she still loves her. Nikki confronts Meggie about taking advantage of Victor’s generosity. Later, Nikki finds a note from Meggie saying that she left the ranch for good. Nikki goes to pick Meggie up at the coffeehouse and finds Shaw with her. Nikki attacks him and apologizes for ever doubting Meggie. Sharon believes she has nothing to worry about on stage, but Skye wants Vance to annihilate Sharon. Adam overhears them and warns them both to leave Sharon alone. Nick pushes Sharon not to trust Adam and Sharon loses her cool with both of them. Later, Sharon takes the stand against Adam. Vance pleads with Adam to let him attack Sharon. 

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