Recap The Young & The Restless: Thursday, August 12, 2010

Malcolm and Sofia have an argument about where they are going to live. Tucker informs Neil that Victor has been bribing a Japanese official. Sofia hears Neil ask Tucker if he is trying to take Beauty of Nature over. Meanwhile, Victor and Michael meet with the Chief D.O.J. officer in Genoa City. Malcolm decides to sign a lease for the upscale condo rather than the house in the suburbs. Victor informs Tucker that he will fail if he continues to try to take over Beauty of Nature. Victor is stunned when Meggie and Nikki inform him about their close call with Shaw at the coffeehouse. Nikki offers to make Meggie her assistant. Later, Nikki is impressed by Meggie’s effectiveness as her assistant. Chance opens up to Chloe about the drugs and the case. Ronan starts to become suspicious of Meeks as the inmates who were plotting with Meeks plan Chance’s murder. Chance learns that he has been released, but refuses to leave. Chloe runs into Heather and they are both rocked by an explosion.When Chloe learns its Nina’s missing son’s birthday as well as Ronan’s birthday, she starts to puts the pieces together about Nina’s lost son. Meeks informs Owen that Chance escaped the explosion. Owen orders them to make sure not to screw it up a second time. 

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