Criminal Minds Season 5 Episode 17, "Solitary Man" Review

Tonight's episode of Criminal Minds was a great one. There was suspence, thrill, and excitement after the team tries to find a truck driver that has been kidnapping and murdering women. This show is unstoppable and very refreshing for evening television.

Tonight's show did lack emotion however, last week most viewers were deeply touched by the episode and some that I talked to even were brought to tears. Tonight didn't have that effect but it was great none the less. As long as they catch the bad guy I think most viewers are happy.

The show tonight was a wake up call for those females that get rides from strangers. The actor tonight did a great job of showing his mental behaviour and betraying a man that was so disturbed due to the death of his wife that he had no reason of right and wrong. The scary thing was he told his murders to his 7 year old daughter in fairy tale form. All in all a great night, a 4 out of 5!


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