Chuck 4.06 “Chuck vs. the Aisle of Terror” Recap

 Chuck 4.06 Chuck vs. the Aisle of Terror Recap

"Chuck vs. the Aisle of Terror" begins two weeks ago at Volkoff Industries.  A sentry guards a secret lab as a man in a white coat lurks.  The guard stops him, but the doctor begins to hyperventilate.  He reaches for his inhaler, but sprays the contents in the guard’s eye.  Immediately, the guard drops to his knees, and his vision begins to jump.  The doctor explains that the toxin he just sprayed the guard with is causing the man’s worst nightmare to come true; a nightmare from which he can’t wake.  The guard’s image of the doctor morphs into that of a demon.  The doctor looks into the security camera and announces that the toxin is fully functional.  A door opens, and a woman announces that she has a buyer in Los Angeles ready to buy the toxin from Dr. Wheelright.  That woman is none other than Mary Elizabeth Bartowski.

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