Big Brother 12 Season 12 Episode 1 "Premiere" Review

Well I have been anxiously awaiting the return of one of the original reality series and this premiere of Big Brother 12 was far from disappointing. I temporarily forgot how fast one can get hooked to this show, anticipating each and every upcoming episode, and laughing at the host guests pranks, showmances, and conflicts.

Last night we met all 12 of the houseguests. But there was a twist this season, Julie Chan started the episode off by telling us that one of the house guests is not here to win the final prize but has been hired to be the "sabatoguer". This person, if they make it half way through the show will win $50,000. They are there to prank, ruin the chances of wins for the other houseguests and we have no clue who it is until next episode.

The HOH compeition was held last night and the contestants were split into two teams, each team had to cross a large grill with fake coals while riding a large hotdog slippery with ketchup and musturd. It was highly entertaining, Hayden the muscular young blood won, and Monet a spoiled rich girl won the $10,000. The cast this season looks great. The difference this year, there are no older contestants besides maybe the eldest being in his 30's and from Jersey. There is an ex showgirl, a female police officer, a female bi-sexual, a lifeguard, a professor homosexual, a doctor, a highly religious Jew, a cowboy, a spoiled rich girl, a party girl, a little Kelly Picker look-a-like, a genius, and a Jersey Homeboy.

Can't wait for the next episode...this summer is going to get hot!


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Jul 18, 2010 4:05PM EDT

I really like your review. But you have a point wrong. The oldest isn't in their 30's. Kathy, the police officer/sheriff, is 40. She looks great for being 40. I wish they made thier group more diverse. Its always the same type every year. I also wrote about big brother and other shows on my blog.

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