'Dexter' Mid-Season Pulse Check and Spoilers: It's About to Get Intense

'Dexter' Mid-Season Pulse Check and Spoilers: It's About to Get Intense

After a death, time can seem to stand still. It takes a while to get back into the swing of normalcy, whatever that is. And the more major the death, the more significant the person was in your life, the longer it takes.

Dexter Morgan isn't usually in the business of dealing with that side of the death equation. He's typically more involved in the front-end. The murder end. In a hands-on sort of way. But, intentionally or not, the first few episodes of Dexter season 5 have served as a fitting metaphor for the healing process. Since Rita died, it's not so much Dexter whose life has stalled, but the show's--at least according to fans who relished the intense Trinity storyline last season and have critiqued this season's more slow-burning approach. No Big Bad (yet). Very little murdering. A whole lot of talking about romantic and family drama. Cut out the Boyd/Lumen story and the gruesome Santa Muerte scenes, and early season 5 Dexter could possibly pass for a (really well made) cop soap opera.
Looking back the first four episodes after watching last night's fifth installment, "First Blood," it's clear that this season's beginning actually managed a pretty incredible feat: Under the guise of standing fairly still, it's set enough plates spinning to sustain the rest of the season in a familiar yet uncharted direction, and brought forth more than a few candidates for his coveted Last Kill of the Season spot. 

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