A Boughetto Baby Shower on 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta'

A Boughetto Baby Shower on 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta'

Right off the bat, NeNe sees a plastic surgeon (yay! I love it when the Housewives are open about their plastic surgery and we get to see it). She wants to get a breast reduction; what would Kim think!? NeNe also wants her doctor to take the "pooch" out. But it's another step toward NeNe getting her happy back, so it's happening. Finally, NeNe wants to get her nose "touched up a little bit on each side." She doesn't want to look like Dwight or anything, but she's starting to order a Happy Meal of plastic surgery a la Heidi Montag.

Mr. and Mrs. Google Me

Now it's time to meet Kim's parents, who Kim doesn't look like anymore. It is hard to get over Kim's dad's mustache. They enjoy wine (with ice cubes in it?) courtesy of Big Poppa, who Kim is back together with (whaaaa?). Her parents also agree that Kim needs to start going to church because she's wearing a bejeweled crucifix. Kim wants to get Ariana baptized but the church won't let her in because she doesn't go. Time to make a phone call to Big Poppa! Then Kim shows her parents the YouTube video of her at the White Party and, while endlessly proud, they decide now is the time to have a conversation about "fame over family." Because it's going THAT well.

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