THE BIG C “Divine Intervention” Review Episode 10

The Big C Season 1 Episode 10 - Divine Intervention

I had a chance to watch tonight’s episode of THE BIG C, and I have to say that "Divine Intervention" is very good. It weaves together threads from throughout the season while seeming to address head-on some complaints viewers have had about Cathy and giving some fresh perspective to those complaints.

The events of "The Agony and the Ecstasy"–Adam’s accident and Paul’s request for a divorce–are obviously weighing on Cathy, which is a good thing. One thing Cathy, for all her self-involved behavior, has not done since her cancer diagnosis is engage in much actual introspection, so I’m happy to see her forced into it here. While I haven’t felt the rage toward Cathy some viewers have, her behavior has been occasionally difficult to watch and it’s interesting to see other characters hold up a mirror to her so she can look beneath the surface of both those actions and her overall situation. Also interesting is that, as the title infers, religion (this television season’s biggest trend continues) plays a role because that is something that hasn’t yet been explored. It’s done well here and is both touching and funny.

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