THE EVENT “Loyalty” Review Episode 6

The Event Season 1 Episode 6 - Loyalty

The plot of this episode goes thusly: Sean and Leila talk about her missing family, she finds out her mother’s dead, they go to her family home and meet a half-crazy ex-journalist who tells them that Leila’s father found out about the existence of aliens. Meanwhile, Simon Lee thinks about his long lost love, helps Sophia evade the agents keeping tabs on her, and then takes part in one of the schlockiest scenes this show has given us to date.

No, really, that’s pretty much all that happened in 45 minutes.

In the first storyline, Collier questions Carter, who, in turn, asks for an ambulance because he’s bleeding all over the motel room. He doesn’t get one. Leila wants to know where her sister is and attacks him briefly, but he claims not to know. He does, however, say that her father brought all of this on himself.

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