SPOOKS Season 9 Episode 6 Review

Spooks Season 9 Episode 6 - Episode 6

After the Taliban hack into a British portal and turn a US drone against its own base, MI5 have a lot to prove. The CIA want an upgrade to British computer system and so set about installing their own, Cybershell, in Thames House. To complete setup, they need codes input by an American civilian cryptographer, Danielle Ortiz. That’s where the fun begins.

MI5 find themselves compromised by hackers forged from a Chinese-Russian alliance. Everything they do and say is being observed, knowledge that is shared once Tariq initiates a fake-power overload which shuts down every system for two minutes. They try to figure out how to deal with the situation and eventually share information through classroom notes and a tablet PC.

It is decided that they’re trying to get into Cybershell. With the knowledge contained in this new top-notch secure computer system, the Chinese-Russian alliance would have the upperhand in every way. As Harry says, Britain and America would lose the cyberwar before it even began.

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