One Tree Hill Season 7 Episode 19 "Four Episodes Left" PREVIEW

One Tree Hill

Well it looks like all the One Tree Hill fans are going to have to wait awhile for it to return. The next episode wont be until April 26th which seems like forever and a day. However, there are only four more episodes left for the season and they look like they are going to be full of drama and unexpected events.

Above is the link to the sneak peak video that shows everything falling a part at the seams. Brooke's mom gets caught in the middle of her love affair with new designer Alexander. Alex has a sex tape that is threatened to be leaked out and Clay's dead ex wife will be making a ghostly appearance, that is, the tennis player he was scouting does a fatal attraction move by making herself the splitting image of his late wife.

It will be an exciting return that viewers will not want to miss!