Thintervention Episode Recap: "The Final Weigh-In" Season 1, Episode 8

On this week's episode of Thintervention, after six weeks of working Jackie's program on their own, the clients reunite for the final weigh-in.

In one word, I'd describe the season finale as understated. And I liked that about it. What differentiates Thintervention from other weight-loss shows is less attention on shedding pounds and more focus on emotional transformations.  "My program is not just about reaching a goal weight. It's about making smarter choices," Jackie says. The low-key vibe surrounding the scale makes sense.

The episode begins with Jackie introducing the cast members, one by one, to a banquet hall full of their family and friends. First up is Mandy. During her time away, she has decided to get her trainer's license, and based on the results of her first client — her husband has lost 23 pounds — Jackie may have some competition! The most striking change in Mandy's appearance is her sculpted legs.

Jeana walks out next, and her confident strut grabs everyone's attention. Gone is the woman with low self-esteem.

Before Shannon steps out, we learn she has been keeping a secret. Just a few weeks ago, she confessed to Jackie that since the age of 12, she has been trapped in a dangerous cycle of starving herself, binging, and taking laxatives. In footage taped prior to the finale, Jackie and Dr. Ramani tell Shannon that her confession is an important first step to addressing her problem. When she enters the room, she looks as if a huge burden has been lifted.

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