Recap Days of Our Lives: Monday - 08/09/2010

Bo supports Hope, who has a hard time facing what she's done. Hope apologizes to Justin, who is stunned to learn she attacked him. Carly is horrified to find out how troubled Hope has been. Both Carly and Bo blame themselves for her mental break. Carly understands when Bo says he needs to be there for Hope and Ciara. Melanie assures Carly that she's a good person, and Carly's sense of guilt increases. Later, Hope is booked as devastated Bo looks on. Meanwhile, Doug and Julie learn what Hope has done and wonder whether they'll ever have their daughter back.

Roman informs Sami that Dr. Baker is not dead and is in jail. Meanwhile, EJ comes to give Baker a piece of his mind. Baker tells both EJ and Sami some hard truths, which ironically serve to further bond the couple. Roman is deeply disturbed by the knowledge that Sami considered EJ's marriage proposal. However, Sami is still thinking about it...

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