Recap Days of Our Lives: Tuesday 08/10/2010

Sami accepts EJ's marriage proposal, but is unable to tell Rafe. As she breaks the news to Will, Rafe overhears EJ tell Stefano he's proposed to Sami and she's said yes.

Arianna confronts Hope for framing her for the muggings. Hope apologizes but truly doesn't remember doing so. Arianna's not sure whether Hope is telling the truth, and tells Hope she wants her to rot in jail. She runs into EJ, who tries to comfort her. Arianna realizes EJ's own life is on the right path and is happy for him. Later, Arianna admits to Gabi that she's not sure she can ever forgive Hope for her actions. Hope, meanwhile, breaks down in Doug's arms, hating herself for hurting him and so many others. Doug comforts her, and says she'll always be his princess. 

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