Recap Days of Our Lives: Thursday 08/12/2010

Chloe calls Philip to tell him about the prenatal paternity test. At the same time, Stephanie witnesses and misunderstands Melanie giving Nathan a platonic hug to comfort him about Hope. Reeling, she tells Adrienne, and decides Philip has some secret that has something to do with Chloe and could destroy his marriage, thus jeopardizing Stephanie and Nathan's future. She runs into Chloe and Philip discussing if Philip's the father of her baby or not, but Chloe and Philip cover. When Stephanie pumps Philip alone, he doesn't give her anything. She then tries to get info from Daniel under an insurance ruse. She learns Chloe's story about getting Daniel's wedding present from the hospital the night of her elevator accident which conflicts with Philip's story of getting the watch from Chloe's apartment the next morning. Desperate, Stephanie lets herself into Chloe and Daniel's apartment to look around and gets a call from Caroline. At the same time, Chloe and Daniel arrive home, about to go inside and catch Stephanie. 

As Sami and Rafe kiss, things heat up between them until Sami asks how Rafe found out she was marrying EJ. They find themselves at odds again, and Sami goes off, angrily believing that EJ spilled the beans to Rafe. She confronts EJ, but he insists he didn't tell. He understands how hard it is for her to get over Rafe, because he's never given up on Sami. He asks her if they're on or off, and Sami tells him, they're on!

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