Recap Days of Our Lives: Friday 08/13/2010

Stephanie hides when Chloe and Daniel enter their apartment. She learns Chloe is pregnant. Daniel leaves for the ER and Chloe calls Philip, asking him to come by. Stephanie overhears that Philip and Chloe made love and that Philip might be the father of Chloe's child. She also learns of the paternity test she took at St. Mary's under an assumed name and that Chloe will get the results tomorrow. Philip fears that if the child is his, Melanie will go running back to Nathan. He and Chloe leave and Philip says if he's proven to be the baby's dad, he will make sure this child doesn't suffer. Meanwhile, Melanie tells Daniel about her job interview at St. Mary's. Daniel looks forward to celebrating Chloe's birthday tomorrow. Shaken, Stephanie goes to St. Mary's to see if she can get the results of the paternity test. As she starts to access the computer, she's caught by Melanie. 

Victor sees Brady drinking and realizes that it's over Nicole. Victor is not happy and warns Brady to stay away from her. Meanwhile, Nicole thinks Rafe is despondent over losing Sami to EJ...she's despondent over losing Brady. Rafe gets call from FBI agent Tim, who tells him Nicole's CD (from Fay) is back from the lab. Rafe tells Nicole that Brady likes honesty and goes. Nicole, ignoring Rafe's advice, lies to Brady about where the money in her illegal account came from. Brady seems to buy her story and hopeful, Nicole kisses him. Meanwhile, Rafe hears EJ on the CD and suspects that EJ was behind Sydney's kidnapping. However, he needs more proof before he can expose him and is determined to get that proof from Nicole. 

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