A Burning Question About Nikita

 How Much Time Does Nikitas Michael Have? (& 4 Other Burning Questions)

All series have a shelf life. So do their characters and plotlines. While they may start hot, storylines can just as quickly paint a good show into a bad corner, or completely change it around. (And I don’t just mean "When will Character A and Character B get together?" That’s the least of my worries.)

Here an elements from Nikita that is just aching for resolution.

 How much time does Nikita‘s Michael (Shane West) have to pick a side?

What do you think, fans? How would you like to see this question answered? Are there any other serial elements that have you waiting on pins and needles for their conclusions? Chat about it below.

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Jun 7, 2016 12:48PM EDT

Well when I first heard that they were making a new Nikita I was a little put off to tell you the truth. I like Maggie Q and I am glad to see an Asian in an American show as the lead. I mean talk about diversity kicking ass right? But here's the things, LFN was hands down the best spy show EVER! Not one season failed to deliver. It was the perfect show. And even the show was American made the fact that it was edgy and had a distinct European edginess to it made it better. No one can do what Paul did as Operations or Peta as Nikta, or Alberta as Madeline and Roy as the sexy ass Michael. NO ONE.

And my think about making this production feel distinctly American is that it will be filled with a lot of glitz but not guts. Yes Peta's Nikita wore some of the most amazing outfits on a show ever! And yeah there was a lot of awesome set designs and what not, but the storyline and the plots were intricate the way they weaved into each character and the stand alone epis were just as good.

Well, I think that this Nikita has proved me wrong and true in a lot of ways. Maggie and Shane west have good chemistry but it is not as sexually explosive as Roy and Peta. Those two never had to touch each other. Just one glance and you could feel the panty melting, draws dropping heat. However, I like the fresh twist. Implanting Alex as mole for Nikita's cause was great and Lyndsy Fonseca can hold her own. She's great. I like that she has a little group of people with their own little plots and whatnot. And the missions are great. Season 1 started off a little iffy with the pilot but each show has gotten better. Now the trick is how will they keep it fresh the way LFN did each year.

The problem is with Nikita no longer in the organization, it really falls on the storyline of Alex. Will she stay true to the mission, be seduced by the pull of what she is called to do at Division? Peta's Nikita faced a different dance each season. The first was her acclimation to Section and learning how it works and her budding relationship with Michael. The second season was about revealing the secrets of Operations, Madeline, Birkoff and Nikita's struggle to remain humane in the midst of a bunch of cold-blooded killer. Also the Michael and Nikita romance becomes hotter with the will they won't they. By the third season, the lies and deceit of section boil over into one of the best plots ever and the consequences of Michael and Nikita's affair. The revelation of what Section has become is revealed and Nikita finds herself a potential Alli in the discovery of sections founder Adrian. The fourth season has Nikita playing double agent and discovering the truth about her family's past while the fifth seasons brings the end to bubbling and open-ended close.

This will be the ultimate challenge of Nikita because the fans of that show who are willing to take the ride for this one will except nothing but the best possible storylines and acting in order to honor the original.

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