Caprica 1.13 “False Labor” Recap

 Caprica 1.13 False Labor RecapLast night’s Caprica gave Sam Adama, the thuggish brother of Joseph Adama, time to shine as he got his first story line to display how far he will go for his Tauran roots. Meanwhile, Daniel works on tweaking the Grace program and Amanda continues to get in good with Clarice’s family to suit Agent Durham’s needs.

"I Envy You"

Amanda continues making her attempts to get to know the House of Willow by befriending the so-called head of household Marebeth, who is pregnant and planning a water birth. She is a complete and utter wench to Amanda, which would be valid if she truly knew Amanda’s intentions. Her cold demeanor comes from Amanda being "Terror Mom" to Zoe, which she feels will bring danger to her family. The ‘true’ head of the Willow household, Clarice, stands by her faith in Amanda and tells Marebeth that it’s best if she did the same.

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