Stargate Universe 2.05 “Cloverdale” Recap

 Stargate Universe 2.05 Cloverdale Recap

Taking a page from the hallucinatory "what if" stories in the vein of Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s "Normal Again," tonight’s SGU gave us "Cloverdale", a character study into the mind of Lt. Matthew Scott after he’s been attacked by a hallucinatory flesh-eating organism, propelling him to a small town named Cloverdale where he’s about to marry Chloe.

The show starts with Scott coming home to Cloverdale with Greer to meet his "father" Col. Young and his future "brother-in-law" Eli. Before he reaches them, Scott is hit by a car driven by Brody. Other shipmates in this fantasy include Dr. Volker, who is the town’s pharmacist; Vanessa James, Scott’s ex and a barmaid at Brody’s; TJ as a paramedic; Col. Telford, who is the town sheriff; and Dr. Rush, who is the pastor presiding over the wedding.

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