American Idol Auditions Season 9 Episode 4 - "Orlando"

What an eventful night of auditions in Orlando Florida! Even though we did see a lot of just the three judges, it was a great episode. Including two sisters from New Jersey. There is something about their accents that I could listen to all day. They were sent to Hollywood so I'm assuming some upcoming episodes will be very interesting with those two.

Until tonight I have never seen someone that just would not take No for an answer. A gentlemen was told that he could not sing and the answer was no, but he just wouldn't stop singing! I was almost on the floor laughing. They had to bring security in and even resorted to handcuffing the man and escorting him out. Very interesting.

I am still looking forward to when Ellen will take her seat in the judge chair. Maybe in Hollywood? If any of you know, send a comment my way.


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