Survivor: Nicaragua Episode Recap: "What Goes Around, Comes Around" Season 21, Episode 7

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Is this the most frustrating season of Survivor ever? So far, we've lost the original "old vs. young" premise, the Medallion of Power and now we seem to have lost all smart strategic gameplay on two sides of the same tribe! Somebody needs to fly a Heroes vs. Villains DVD down to Nicaragua to show this group of wannabe players what happens when you give up a hidden immunity idol and keep the most strategic players in the game. But before we get to the episode's head-scratching Tribal Council, a recap of the events of last night.

As the La Flor tribe heads back from last week's Tribal Council, Marty is not only astonished to be walking amongst his tribe, but also flabbergasted that Jane, an original Espada member that he has never lied to, would write down his name. Jane just laughs Marty off when he approaches her about this, and she makes a good point that Marty and Jill were never welcoming to her (or any other original Espada members) during their time of power, and now "what goes around, comes around."

Jane also decides that she needs to reward herself for all the hard work she's put in over the last 16 days, so while the rest of the La Flor tribe is lazing around, she catches a few impressively sized fish and cooks one over the fire for herself. Jane's both hardworking and a little bit kooky — what's not to love?

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