No Ordinary Family: "No Ordinary Quake" Review

This week's much improved No Ordinary Family features a new superhuman threat for Jim to fight. Meanwhile, J.J. continues to lie about his super intelligence while Daphne gets herself caught up in the lives of others.

Finally, the story shifts focus back to Mr. King's genetic mutants and what GlobalTech may be really orchestrating. We don't learn much about Rebecca this week, but her power to create shockwaves from her hands was cool. There is a slight hint that the relationship between Mr. King and Rebecca may actually be a little more complicated than first indicated. I guess we'll just have to wait for her eventual return to learn what their relationship might have been.

Pitting Jim against someone else with superpowers adds a lot more excitement to his story this week. There is an inherent danger when tackling bank robbers or muggers in the park but we've seen him stop bullets with his hands so we know they're not that much of a threat. Rebecca managed to stop in his tracks and reminded us that he's not completely invulnerable.

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